It is our motto to offer food prepared in a way that is highly considerate towards the surrounding world, while being tasty, nutritious and affordable for the general public.


Our recipes come from the vegetarian cuisine of North India. We use neither eggs, meat or fish nor products that contain any traces of them.


Daily we cook from scratch using fresh produce and full responsibility.

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Dhaba Beas Vegetarian Restaurants

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Our Dhabas are self-service. The price for the main meals is by weight: 22,90Kč per 100g.

Our menu changes every day. We offer Indian dishes - two kinds of subji (vegetable dish), two kinds of dhal (legume preparation), two varieties of rice, a sweet dessert, several fresh vegetable salads, as well as international vegetarian dishes - such as baked vegetables. We use purely vegetable oils. Olive oil on salads.


Besides the above mentioned meals we offer Indian snacks such as samosas and pakoras, and various Indian sweets and organic cakes.


Our wide selection of soft drinks includes Indian lassi - both sweet and salty - mango shakes and kombucha, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and good tea and coffee.


There is a pitcher of fresh filtered water free of charge on every table.


We are always happy to answer any questions about the ingredients of our dishes.